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Below is a collection of the most relevant and insightful news articles about the PRCHN and our research projects from media outlets outside the University. These articles illuminate our work and place our efforts in the broader context of public health. The articles are listed in reverse chronological order, so the newest articles are always at the top. All articles will automatically open in a new browser window or tab.

2021 Media Mentions

Prostate cancer education is heading into Black barbershops through Case Western Reserve University program

Dr. Erika Trapl, an epidemiologist at Case Western Reserve University's school of medicine, is leading The Cleveland African American Prostate Cancer Project. 


COVID showed the cracks in society. How can we fix them?

PRCHN's Director, Dr. Erika Trapl, discusses economic investment in historically marginalized communities to create more opportunity and ultimately, improve health.


NE Ohio initiative to increase prostate cancer screening in African Americans

Dr. Erika Trapl, PRCHN Director and Director of the Office of Community Outreach and Engagement at the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center, awarded 2.75 million-three year grant  to focus on prostate cancer disparities

2020 Media Mentions

Amid Dollar Store Moratorium, Focus Turns To Cleveland's Corner Stores

Director of Healthy Food Access Initiatives, Morgan Taggart talks about the Healthy Food Retail Initiative and how resources from the city could assist in securing more fresh options in local corner stores


Black Smoking Rates; No Smoking Hiring Bans & Community Tour Preview: Future of West Side Market

n some heavily African American Cleveland neighborhoods, 40 percent of people smoke, driving up Cleveland's smoking rate to 29 percent, more than double the national rate. On The Sound of Ideas we discuss a new effort to get them to quit.

2019 Media Mentions

THE PRIVATE LIVES OF YOUTH Annual questionnaire provides revealing details about behaviors: Fall/Winter 2019 CWRU THINK magazine interview with Adolescent Surveillance and Evaluation Director, Jean Frank, about the local Youth Risk Behavior Survey results.


Beginning Thursday, you must be 21 to buy tobacco products in Ohio: Tobacco researcher and PRCHN Associate Director Erika Trapl, PhD discusses the new Ohio Tobacco21 legislation.


2018 Media Mentions

Depression Severity Tied to Increased Seizure Frequency

 Affiliated faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, is quoted


Teens, Adults with Epilepsy at High Risk for Depression

Affiliated faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, is quoted


Depression Is a Risk for Teens, Adults with Epilepsy

Affiliated faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, is quoted


Database funded to help researchers understand bipolar disorder throughout adult lifespan

Affiliated faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, discusses a new grant from the International Society for Bipolar Disorders


Self-management intervention for epilepsy achieves health improvements

Affiliated faculty Martha Sajatovic, MD, was interviewed regarding the six-month TIME trial


Rate of Teen Attempted Suicide Across Cuyahoga County Isn't as High as CMSD's, but Still Shocking

Cleveland Scene featured our Youth Risk Behavior Survey data around youth suicide ideation and depressive symptoms


One in Six Cuyahoga County Teens Considered Suicide

PRCHN Associate Director Erika Trapl, PhD, was a guest on WVIZ's Ideas program discussing the latest data from the YRBS and how it can be used to help policy makers shape programming


Thirty Percent of Cuyahoga County teens experienced ‘depressive symptoms,’ One in six considered suicide

The Center for Community Solutions used our Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) data in a blog post around depressive symptoms and suicide ideation among county teens.


Optimizing the treatment of bipolar disorder in older adults:Affiliated faculty Dr. Martha Sajatovic's presentation at Psych Congress 2018 is previewed


Case Western Reserve University researchers trying to find solutions to Cleveland's hunger problems:Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, is interviewed about his major new grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research


Case Western Reserve receives major grant to improve food systems in Cleveland neighborhoods

Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, is the principal investigator on a major new grant from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research


Ohio awarded more than $2.2 million for program for low-income families

Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, is quoted in this article about Produce Perks funding


$2.2 million awarded to help low-income families

Associate Director Darcy Freedman is quoted in this article about Produce Perks funding


Brown announces more than $2.2 million to feed families across Ohio

Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, is quoted in this press release from Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown's office


This article cites 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey data from the PRCHN


REACH Project Manager Anna Matos was a panelist for this forum at the Cleveland City Club


Affiliated faculty Dr. Martha Sajatovic's research exploring epilepsy self-management strategies is cited

Associate Director Darcy Freedman, PhD, was quoted in coverage of advocacy training around the Farm Bill vote


PRCHN Director Elaine Borawski, PhD, added insights as to how the growing number of dollar stores in rural areas may fill a food source need


Affiliated faculty Amy Sheon was quoted extensively in this look at the lack of broadband connectivity in large parts of the city


Research Associate Eun-lye Lee and the PRCHN's PSE READI assessment tool were discussed


Associate Director Darcy Freedman was quoted regarding food access


2017 Media Mentions

Case Study Aims to Find New Ways to Tackle Cleveland Food Deserts


Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan creates committee to find solutions to youth violence

Akron mayor cites YRBS data in creation of youth anti-violence committee

2016 Media Mentions

2015 Media Mentions

2014 Media Mentions

Media Archive (2013-2009)



Video: Be Well: Young and Obese Documentary 

The causes and consequences of childhood obesity are multidimensional and the approach to helping children and their families deal with the issue must be, too.


Little cigars are tobacco of choice for middle schoolers in Cuyahoga County

Cleveland Plain Dealer article and WCPN 90.3 news story 


Video: Moving the Need Through Team Science

The IMPACT Study-Ideas Moving Parents and Adolescents to Change Together CTSC-School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University


CWRU presents to Cleveland City Council on Health initiatives

The Prevention Research Center and other Case Western Reserve University health initiatives presented an overview of their


CRWU's "Bigger Picture" Annual Report "Good Food for All"

The core project of the new Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods at Case Western Reserve, is addressing the healthy food shortages of inner-city neighborhoods and working with community residents to change the entire food landscape in these areas.