The PRCHN Collaborative

The PRCHN Collaborative

Who We Are

The PRCHN Collaborative is the primary advisory body to the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods (PRCHN). For ten years (2009-2018) we were guided by a Network of Community Advisors (NOCA). Today, The Collaborative promotes and guides the Center’s role as a leader in research and training and as a valued source for local public health and place-based data for the Greater Cleveland community. 

The Collaborative is fundamental to the Center’s success and members have the following opportunities: 

    • Make meaningful connections that bridge community partners and university researchers.

    • Participate in the translational process to communicate research and inform policy.

    • Represent your organization and community interests while recommending opportunities for the PRCHN to leverage its resources.

    • Work with PRCHN leadership to focus our collective expertise through systematic inquiry to enhance health.

Members of The Collaborative represent the following areas:

Who We Do

The Collaborative meets three times throughout the year (June, October, February). Meetings include discussion about existing partnerships and exploring opportunities for expanded collaboration to more broadly bridge the Center’s population health research with potential partners. The Collaborative regularly assesses the Center’s 5-year plan in concurrence with the Center’s efforts to ensure that activities match stated goals.

In partnership with Center leadership and staff, and through its own organizational structure, the Collaborative has the following responsibilities:

    • Promote and elevate the Center’s work by guiding and advising on the Center’s mission, spanning research, evaluation and surveillance, professional consultation services, and training.

    • Share the Center’s research, programs, and impact with the public and broad community.

    • Promote Center training opportunities throughout CWRU and the wider public health community.

    • Assess the Center’s 5-year plan in concurrence with the Center’s efforts to ensure that activities match stated goals.


About the Network of Community Advisors (2009-2019)

The Network of Community Advisors (NOCA) was the primary advisory body to the PRCHN (“the Center”) from 2009-2019. NOCA’s role was to provide guidance and leadership to carry out the goals and objectives of the Center, to provide annual feedback on the progress of the Center, and to bring current issues in area neighborhoods to the attention of the Center.

NOCA members worked side-by-side with the Center leadership and staff to:

    • define research questions,
    • determine how to best answer the questions, and
    • decide how to spread or act on the findings.

NOCA was comprised of two membership levels. An “Advising Partner” is a member who serves on NOCA and serves on a core sub-committee and/or research working group. An “Advisor” is a member who serves on NOCA but does not also serve on a sub-committee and/or research working group. 

Past NOCA Co-Chairs

  • Inaugural Co-Chair: Tim Tramble, MPA
  • Inaugural Co-Chair: Jennifer Scofield, MA, CHES
  • Helen Dumski, MA, RDN, LD
  • Stanley Miller, MNAL
  • Adriennie Hatten, PhD
  • Brandon King, MBA
  • Lena Grafton, MPH, CHES
  • Najah Muhammad, MPA
  • Morgan Taggart, MUPDD
  • Patricia Terstenyak, MPH


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