Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute

Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute

For more than 15 years, Case Western Reserve University has led an academic-community partnership to support professional development for individuals who work as part of Out-of-School Time (OST) programs. The Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute (CCYWI) was initiated in 2008 as a professional development network that provided training and technical assistance for youth professionals and programs.

The Institute provides professional development programming for the diverse youth-serving workforce. We utilize a theory to practice approach that is based on research, including evidence-based and innovative promising practices. CCYWI participants are encouraged to develop networks with one another to share and develop successful practices and to support the work of others in the field.

The Institute is now housed within the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods in the School of Medicine. It is part of a series of youth-focused projects underway at the PRCHN, oriented toward surveillance, evaluation, training, and technical assistance.

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Kristina Knight, PhD

Principal Investigator

Cheryl Oates

Director of Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute

Yulanda Prude

Assistant Director of Cuyahoga County Youth Work Institute 

Jessica Song

Research Manager 

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The CCYWI & PRCHN are celebrating is #WorldTeenMentalWellnessDay.
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