PRCHN Hosts Tobacco Research Symposium

On May 31, 2017, the PRCHN PRCHN and its partners hosted a Tobacco Research Symposium at CWRU’s Tinkham Veale University Center. The symposium explored the prevalence of tobacco in Northeast Ohio, in particular the epidemiology of little cigar and cigarillo use, nicotine addiction around little cigars/cigarillos, and environmental factors that affect an individual’s choice to smoke. We also highlighted some strategies for change, such as initiatives to support tobacco change, clinical and community linkages, and Breathe Free, a demonstration grant through the Ohio Department of Health that is adapting our community ambassador model to tobacco cessation by helping individuals and neighborhoods change the cultural conversation around tobacco use in their homes and community.
Bringing together the full breadth and depth of the PRCHN’s tobacco-related research advances the conversation around understanding how individuals, especially youth, become tobacco users and poses strategies for cessation. The PRCHN was pleased to share its research and tell the story around tobacco use in Greater Cleveland and to provide an opportunity for all those whose work is affected by the tobacco epidemic to learn and share strategies together.

Presentations included:
Tobacco Use in Cleveland & Cuyahoga County: Erika Trapl, PhD

Tipped, Untipped, Filtered, Flavored: Not Your Grandfather’s Cigar: Sarah Koopman Gonzalez, PhD

Understanding & Measuring Nicotine Dependence among Cigarillo Users: Sue Flocke, PhD

Retail Exposure to Tobacco Advertising & Sales: Stephanie Pike, MPH

Worksite Wellness Initiatives to Support Tobacco Change: Unintended Consequences: Elaine Borawski, PhD

Implementing an Evidence-Based Strategy in Primary Care: Ask-Advise-Connect & eReferral: Sue Flocke, PhD

Breathe Free: We Share Air: Erika Trapl, PhD

PRCHN Director Elaine Borawski, PhD; Persis Sosiak, Cleveland Department of Health, and PRCHN Researcher Stephanie Pike Moore.

PRCHN Associate Director Erika Trapl, PhD, presenting on the Breathe Free demonstration study.

Attendees listen intently to a presentation on little cigars and cigarillos.