Jean Frank, Director of Adolescent Surveillance & Evaluation, Awarded CMSD “Wellie”

Jean Frank, Director of Adolescent Surveillance & Evaluation, received the Connected Learning Award as part of the CMSD/Alliance for a Healthier Generation “Wellies” Awards on May 1, 2019. The Healthy Schools Wellness Award Celebration recognizes and shows appreciation for Cleveland school wellness leaders and their accomplishments in creating healthier school environments. It is hosted by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 

 The full list of winners includes:

-District Champion Award –  Karen Thompson
-Community Partner Award – Gail Wilson
-Fuel up to Play 60 Award – Joe Widman, Maureen Anderson, Troy Burkhardt, Latrice Shields
-School Garden Award – Sara Continenza
-Health Fellow Award – Ali Solet, Mary Kate Hutchinson
-Dancing Classrooms Award – Dora Bechtel
-Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community Award – Brett Moore, Melvin Burke, Omar Williams, Robert Andrews
-CMSD Student Advocate Award – Megan Mukenge, Christine Higgins
-Healthy Principal Award – Dora Bechtel, Theo Robinson
-Child Nutrition Services Award – Stephanie Hobbs, Tim Wright, Robin Simpkins, Wendy Lim, Jonathan Lockhart, Mallory Packard, Harry Swartzlander
-Connected Learning Award – Jean Frank