Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey Data

The BRFSS is a comprehensive health behavior survey that allows for the collection of standardized and detailed information on various health indicators. Access the 2015 data below or archived data here.

2015 BRFSS Results

The 2015 BRFSS was administered to adults in the Cleveland area between October, 2014 and January, 2015. The data available summarizes responses among the 2,187 Cleveland residents over the age of 18. 
It is important to us to provide reliable health behavior data at the local level. We present the data in 4 ways:
    • Trend data for data collected on three or more years 
    • Themed indicators collected annually for the most recent survey year (where applicable)
    • Each health behavior indicator by demographics for the most recent survey year (where applicable) 
    • Themed indicators for the most recent survey year – comparisons between local, state and nation (where applicable)

Archived BRFSS Data

Click below to see the data collected for each year. To view detailed statistical tables, click here.